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Heather Lord

GeoPro Talks - Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substance Dark Matter: Role of Total Organofluorine Analysis

This presentation will describe our efforts in developing technologies to determine the magnitude of total PFAS including the Dark Matter, reported as total organofluorine (TOF) in environmental matrices such as soil, water and biota.

Jana McLean

GeoPro Talks - Update on Jurisprudence - Contaminated Sites in the Courts

Jana McLean, principal of Iris Legal, will provide an update on recent jurisprudence in the area of contaminated sites.

Morgan Cunningham & Elissa Liu

GeoPro Talks - Reptile Ecological Risk Assessment: Work in progress '

This presentation is on the reptile ecological risk assessment project that is being developed

Blayne Hartman, Ph.D. & Mark Kram, Ph.D., CGWP

GeoPro Talks - 'Rapid Single Deployment Resolution of Vapor Intrusion Challenges'

This presentation will include a few examples where key VI questions were rapidly resolved through automated continuous monitoring and response.

Henry McQueen

GeoPro Talks - 'Brownfield redevelopment as part of sustainable building design and programming'

Henry will share his experience in managing the design and development of brownfield sites and transforming them into thriving master planned communities.

John Taylor, PEng, CSAP

GeoPro Talks - 'It's likely background...'

“It’s likely background”….That dreaded conversation you have to have with your client, when you know the constituent concentrations in soil and/or groundwater at their site are above standards, but likely background...