GPro Talks - Environmental DNA-eDNA: A Modern Tool in Support of Environmental Assessments

Webinar Wednesdays | taught by Aron Weir

Course description

Environmental DNA (eDNA) technology is poised to revolutionize the way ecological and environmental assessments are conducted, enabling higher rates of detection for rare species without the need for directly observing or capturing the study organism.

eDNA refers to the genetic material released by an organism to its environment as dead cells, scales, hair, feces, body fluids, gametes, etc. This material can be collected from the environment through water sampling and tested to determine recent presence of the target species.

This webinar will provide an introduction to eDNA technology, review field and laboratory methods and describe applications through case studies involving environmental assessments conducted for residential/commercial development projects, mining and conservation biology.

Aron Weir
Aron Weir
M.Sc., R.P.Bio., Manager- Special Projects, Bureau Veritas Laboratories

Aron Weir is a Special Projects Manager based in Vancouver, BC whose mandate is to develop Bureau Veritas Laboratories’ Environmental DNA (eDNA) services.  During his career with Bureau Veritas, Aron has worked alongside colleagues in the Animal DNA Laboratory to deliver analytical solutions for livestock DNA testing.  Prior to joining Bureau Veritas in 2006, Aron worked as a wildlife biologist in California and in a research laboratory for an agriculture seed company where he applied DNA analysis technologies for germplasm characterization and genetic mapping.

Aron obtained his B.Sc. in Environmental Biology from Queen’s University and a M.Sc. in Plant Genetics from the University of Guelph.