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Leading practitioners will illustrate challenges and best practices in metal leaching and ARD. Topics include case studies and new ideas about closure, characterization, mitigation, and genomics.   Case studies will be drawn from mine sites around the world.

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    BC ML/ARD 28th Annual Workshop

    • Agenda

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    Addressing the Challenges (Day 1)

    • Lessons Learned from 20+ Years Post-Closure Monitoring at BHP's Legacy Mine Sites in North America (Brian Ayres - BHP)

    • Duck Pond ARD Management (Darren Hennessey - Duck Pond Operations, Teck)

    • An Overview of the Information in the Proceedings of the 2022 ICARD (David Jones - DR Jones Environmental Excellence, Mansour Edraki - Sustainable Minerals Institute, and Jeff Taylor - Earth Systems) Part 1

    • An Overview of the Information in the Proceedings of the 2022 ICARD (David Jones - DR Jones Environmental Excellence, Mansour Edraki - Sustainable Minerals Institute, and Jeff Taylor - Earth Systems) Part 2

    • Optimizing Mine Water & Mine Waste Management Using Machine Learning Approaches (and Data You Already Collect) (Tom Meuzelaar - Life Cycle Geo, and Kristen Salzsauler - Geosyntec Consultants)

    • Waste Characterization for Mining Resource Development Programs: How Many Samples is Enough? (Diana Brookshaw, Tim Wright and Steven Pearce - Mine Environment Management, and Janjan Hertrijana, Ken Grohs - PT Agincourt Resources)

    • Mining Activity in Stk'emlupsemc te Secwepemc Territory from a Governance Perspective (Debra Stokes & Dave Russell (Stk'emlupsemc te Secwepemc Nation)

    • Fugitive Dust Monitoring & Characterization Techniques: Challenges & Opportunities (Amy Cleaver, Philippa Huntsman, Carrie Rickwood, Eleanor Berryman, Jennifer Cole, H. Peter White, Liming He and Peter Unger - Natural Resources Canada)

    • Fugitive Dust Management at Elkview Operations; Challenges, Learnings & What's Next (Rick Magliocco - Elkview Operations, Teck Coal)

    • Post Closure Cover Performance Evaluation and Improvement at Rain Mine in Nevada (Johnny Zhan - Barrick Gold, Alan Jones - Nevada Gold Mines, and Peter Yuan - WSP)

    • Capillary-Break Cover Systems: Challenges in Laboratory to Field and Field to Laboratory Evaluation and Design (Greg Meiers, Jamel Sgaoula - WSP, Sophie Turcotte - Quebec Department of Energy & Natural Resources)

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    Water Treatment (Day 1)

    • How 45 Years of Water Treatment Expertise at Teck is Supporting Continued Mining at Red Dog (Emile Milan & Sachi De Souza - Teck)

    • Special Announcement

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    Water Treatment (Day 2)

    • Technology Readiness Levels: Guidance for Source Control & Water Treatment for R&D Mines in BC (Sean Shaw - Ministry of Energy, Mines & Low Carbon Innovation)

    • Simple, Low-Energy Treatment Technologies to Remove Environmental Contaminants from Process Wastewater and ML/ARD (Kevin Bossy - Bishop Water Technologies)

    • How the Design, Construction and Performance of Permeable Reactive Barriers Keeps Getting Better (Kevin French - Vertex Environmental)

    • Progressions of the Biochemical Reactor (BCR) System at the Brule Mine: An Actively Managed Water Treatment System for Selenium & Nitrate Reduction (Dickson Atuke, Nadia Haider & Amanda Wamsteeker - Conuma, Thomas Cook - Navigator )

    • Considering AMD Risks from Tailings Production as Part of Process Flow Sheet Development: Opportunities to Reduce AMD before Tailings Placement (Steven Pearce, Julia Dent - Mine Environment Management, Hanna Kaasalainen - SWECO, Seth Mueller - Boliden)

    • Dry Stack Tailings - An Overview of Considerations for Geochemists (Ben Wickland - WSP Golder, Ward Wilson - University of Alberta)

    • Meliadine Mine Filtered Tailings Storage Facility: Overview of Design, Construction & Performance (Thomas Lepine, Justin Bieber, Jessica Huza & Michel Julien - Agnico Eagle)

    • International Standards for Tailings Management and their Application to Managing ML/ARD (Charles Dumaresq - MAC)

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    Addressing the Challenges (Day 2)

    • Site Tour of the Kevitsa Ni-Cu-PGE Mine, Northern Finland (Seth Mueler - Boliden Mines, Boliden Sweden, Johanna Holm, Sami Hindstrom, Esko Pystynen, Tommi Lehtila, Sepideh Kiani & Auri Koivuhuhta - Boliden Kevitsa, Steven Pearce - MEM)

    • Kevitsa Mine-Updating the Design for Closure (Seth Mueller, Johanna Holm, Auri Koivuhuhta, Mirva Kuivalainen, Jesse Riikonen, Sami Hindstrom, Tommi Lehtila, Steven Pearce, Gareth Digges La Touche, Alan Martin, Matt McKeown, Dave Christiansen, Mike O'Kane)

    • Policy Foreshadowing: What is EMLI Thinking? (Kelsey Norlund - Ministry of Energy, Mines & Low Carbon Innovation)

    • Closing Remarks

Join us at the 2022 BC/MEND ML/ARD Annual Workshop VIA Zoom