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Dr.Roger Beckie and Dr. Aaron Cahill present: Assessment of Fugitive Natural Gas on Near-Surface Groundwater Quality in NE British Columbia: A Multicomponent Research Study

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Dr. Roger Beckie and Dr. Aaron Cahill

Dr. Aaron Cahill is Director of the University of British Columbia's Energy and Environment Research Initiative and an expert on fugitive gas migration, fate and impacts on groundwater. A hydrogeologist by training, Aaron received his undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Birmingham (UK) before working in industry for several years at an environmental engineering consultancy. After gaining industry experience, Aaron returned to academia where he attained his Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering from the Technical University of Denmark in 2013 through research concerning the potential risks to groundwater posed by leakage of CO2 from geological carbon sequestration. Following his Ph.D. research Aaron undertook a 3 year Postdoctoral Fellowship at the University of Guelph (Canada) researching migration, impacts and fate of fugitive methane from energy resource development in groundwater. Aaron joined the University of British Columbia's department of Earth Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences in summer 2016 as a Research Associate where he founded the UBC Energy and Environment Research Initiative, a government and industry funded (>$3 million) multi-project research program training 5 graduate students, and now serves as its Co-Director.Dr. Beckie, head of UBC’s Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences department earned his PhD at Princeton University in 1992 and joined UBC the same year. He has taught a wide variety of lecture-, lab- and field-based geological engineering courses, and has mentored more than 100 undergraduate students, graduate students and post-doctoral scholars. An associate editor of four professional journals, including Water Resources Research, Beckie has served two consecutive five-year terms as director of UBC’s Geological Engineering program.

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    Assessment of Fugitive Natural Gas on Near-Surface Groundwater Quality in NE BC: A Multicomponent Research Study

    • Assessment of Fugitive Natural Gas on Near-Surface Groundwater Quality

    • Discussion