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This presentation explores recent developments for treating contaminated soil and groundwater in place with the goal of identification of better and lower cost solutions to accomplish your clients’ objectives. 

The presentation will provide an overview of recent technology including thermal desorption, vapour extraction, pump and treat, bioremediation, chemical reduction or oxidation, surfactant flushing, horizontal wells, sorption and stabilization additives.  The discussion will focus on the pros and cons of these various approaches and how consultants can obtain the necessary information to provide to their clients as part of the remediation option analysis.

John Sankey

John Sankey, P.Eng., is an engineer for True Blue Technologies. He holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering from Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario. He sits on the steering committee for several groundwater Sampling & Monitoring Symposiums, which focuses on monitoring groundwater so that in situ remediation is planned well. He has been in the groundwater industry for 22 years and in 2003 started True Blue Technologies, a business dedicated to providing engineering, technical support and business development for technologies in groundwater remediation and characterization.

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    Treating Soils In Place -- An Alternative to Excavation

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