November 7, 2023 8:30am - 4:30pm PT

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    Remediation Now Workshop - Soil Management in BC - What Now & Where are we Going?

    • Overview

    • Keynote Speaker: Excess Soil – Problem or Opportunity – An Issue Beyond BC; Bruce Tunnicliff, Vertex Environmental Inc.

    • Protocol 19 Update - proposed changes to the first phase of Protocol 19; Ardith Gingell (BC Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy)

    • Soil Relocation – BC Compliance Plan for soil relocation; Michael Chao (BC Ministry of Environment and Climate Change Strategy)

    • Federal Guidance - Beneficial Re-Use of Dredged Material; Erin Shanke (Environment Canada)

    • Soil Relocation - Current Challenges and Industry Responses; Steve Boyce (Active Earth), with audience participation

    • In Conversation … the Ontario Excess Soil Program after Year One; Grant Walsom (XCG Consulting Ltd.) and Peter Sutton (Terrapex)

    • Rethinking Relocation: Creating a Resource from Excess Soil; Peter Reid (GRT)

    • Soil Management on First Nations Land; Aaron O’Keefe (Indigenous Services Canada, BC Region)