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    Asbestos Awareness

    • Asbestos Awareness and Abatement

Course Description

Join Al Robison of Keltech Environmental for this interactive on-line 2.5  hour asbestos awareness training course!  This training will provide you with a general overview of what asbestos is; the hazards of asbestos exposure; regulations; and abatement methods.

Go at your own pace!  Complete the quizzes and test questions as you advance – these exercises will help you retain your learning experience.  And once you successfully complete the course, we’ll send you a Certificate of Completion that can be printed and presented to your employer or agency as assurance that you have received 2.5 hours of professional development instruction and training for individuals who make come in contact with asbestos.  Please note that completion of this course will not qualify a worker to collect samples or perform abatement activities.