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Morgan Cunningham and Elissa Liu from Environment and Climate Change Canada will be presenting on the reptile ecological risk assessment project that is being developed. Toxicity information on reptiles is currently limited and not easily accessible, which presents difficulties for risk assessors to assess reptiles at contaminated sites. Although the primary literature may offer sufficient information on toxicity to reptiles, the data has not been summarized to offer easily accessible information that illustrate what contaminant concentrations might represent a risk to reptiles. The approach to the reptile project is very similar to the now published amphibian ecological risk assessment guidance document. The first step of this project is to compile toxicity data from published studies to construct concentration-response profiles. In the future, there is the intention to consolidate other available resources for reptile effect assessment. The project is in the preliminary stages and the goal of this presentation is to provide an overview of the project and also obtain feedback from participants.

Morgan Cunningham & Elissa Liu

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    GeoPro Talks -' Reptile Ecological Risk Assessment: Work in progress'

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