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Analytical chemistry continues to evolve with the ability to detect more and more things in samples at lower and lower concentrations.  Now, it is moving into the big data realm.  Why limit what you look for when you can measure everything?


Multidimensional chromatography has been continuing to progress since its first development in 1991 and the first commercialized instrument in 2002.  Since then, applications for its unique uses have been growing.  Comprehensive multidimensional gas chromatography (GCxGC) allows the separation and complete chemical characterization of very complex mixtures such as crude or refined petroleum hydrocarbon mixtures.


This presentation will explain how GCxGC chromatography works and how different detection systems can be used to quantify and characterize petroleum hydrocarbons in crude oil or refined products to help elucidate source, age, and weathering.  

In this talk, ECO Canada and industry expert, Monte Anions will share the latest environmental workforce trends in BC, areas of opportunity that are driving new job growth and replacement demand, as well as solutions that can support.


Court Sandau, PhD

Dr. Court D. Sandau is a principal at Chemistry Matters Inc., a niche chemistry and environmental consulting firm which specializes in arson investigations as well as expert consulting for geoforensics, environmental forensics, and biomonitoring litigious matters. Dr. Sandau has been developing and working with advanced analytical methods since 1995. Dr. Sandau has pioneered the use of multidimensional chromatography and its application to environmental forensics and arson case studies since 2011 and has applied the technique to hundreds of cases. Dr. Sandau provides lectures at universities and international conferences on the use of multidimensional chromatography for litigious and environmental cases and is recognized as an expert in the field of analysis.

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    GeoPro Talks - Shedding new light on your environmental investigation using not so new advances in analytical chemistry

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    • Sandau CMI Seminar Applying GCxGC GeoPro