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Investigating chlorinated solvents like they are petroleum hydrocarbons can result in poorly performed investigations, incorrect conclusions, the degradation of site conditions and the potential for increased liability on the consultant. Given the complex ways chlorinated solvents move in the environment, it is not uncommon for contaminant plumes to be missed and for a consultant to report a contaminated site as clean. Far worse, certain commonly applied investigation techniques can drive chlorinated solvents into deeper aquifers that were previously uncontaminated. Thus, the investigation itself can exacerbate the on-site conditions and increase the costs to remediate.

This presentation will discuss the key principles that should be used during the development of a chlorinated solvent investigation strategy. The principles discussed will include, drilling methodologies, the placement of monitoring points, the depths of samples, the environmental media sampled, and the materials used to construct groundwater wells. Differences between the principles applicable in a hydrocarbon investigation and a chlorinated solvent investigation will be highlighted, with an explanation of the science behind these differences.


Operations Manager; Practice Leader - Environmental Due Diligence and Remediation

Tadd Berger, M.Sc., EP, P.Ag., CSAP

Tadd is a member of the Contaminated Sites Approved Professional Society and on the Ministry of Environment’s Roster of Approved Professionals. Tadd is an Environmental Professional with ECO Canada and a Professional Agrologist with the British Columbia and Alberta Institutes of Agrologists. Tadd has more than 18 years of environmental consulting experience and has completed 2,000 projects on behalf of Pinchin Ltd. Tadd’s experience includes a wide range of activities within the field of site investigation and remediation

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