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Success in remediation is based on the numbers. One of the greatest challenges, especially to alternative remediation methods, is the demonstration of “certainty”. A vast set of numbers in a table format can sometimes be one of the hardest ways to present both the success and limitations of a treatment process.Using simple statistics tools such as box and whiskers, error bars, standard deviations, etc., allows a complex set of data to be visually presented quickly. 

This is a highly effective method to determine remediation performance over time and also can be very powerful in planning which remediation techniques to employ, or which not to. During the presentation, various sets of data will be used to present ideal remediation situations as well as others that presented challenges. We will also review how data that is collected purposefully and intentionally can get the programs back on track or provide early warning that changes in treatments might be needed.

President of TRIUM Environmental Inc.

Jevins Waddell, P.Tech. (Eng.)

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    GeoPro Talks - Who’s in charge, you or the data? Simple visualization approach to assess remediation performance

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