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Engineered phytoremediation systems can be effective alternatives to mechanical pump- and-treat systems; by targeting only the depth interval requiring remediation, these designed and constructed phytoremediation systems can be an effective strategy for hydraulic control and treatment of contaminant plumes.

This presentation will review several engineered phytoremediation case studies, including a site with 1,4-dioxane impacted groundwater that was successfully brought to closure by replacing a poorly performing and costly pump-and-treat system with phytoremediation. Lessons learned from these implementations and data supporting conclusions regarding contaminant treatment and hydraulic control will be discussed, along with details of the modelling performed beforehand that helped ensure successful system designs.

Ron Gestler

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    GeoPro talks - Engineered Phytoremediation of Contaminated Aquifers – Adapting a Natural System to Meet Remedial Goals

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    • R Gestler Geosyntec - Engineered Phyto 3.3.2021