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While most job losses brought on by COVID-19 in Canada and BC are expected to be temporary, there is a growing sentiment that some industries and occupations will take longer to recover. Environmental jobs are expected to rebound ahead of others and provide opportunities due to new roles in demand and the Government of Canada’s green economic recovery agenda, as well as high levels of retirement over the coming years. Investment in environmental sustainability areas such as contaminated sites, and the need for competent senior-level practitioners is driving a significant opportunity for employers and individuals in BC. A greater focus on talent management and skills development strategy is very important in order to align with these trends and support the shift to a skills-based economy.

In this talk, ECO Canada and industry expert, Monte Anions will share the latest environmental workforce trends in BC, areas of opportunity that are driving new job growth and replacement demand, as well as solutions that can support.


Angie Huk & Yana Jay

Angie Huk, Vice President of Marketing and Customer Engagement Angie joined ECO Canada in 2016 tasked with connecting Canadian environmental practitioners and employers to career development and HR resources. In her role, Angie oversees all aspects of ECO’s marketing, experience design, brand communications and product development, as well as various program delivery activities. Her team is responsible for ensuring ECO’s programs and services hit every touch point with the environmental workforce. Prior to joining ECO Canada, Angie worked as a marketing consultant in the ad agency world, specializing in business-to-business growth strategies. Throughout Angie’s 12+ years of marketing experience, she has honed a unique skillset that combines digital practice with traditional sales and marketing functions tailored to complex business models. Angie resides in Penticton, BC with her husband where she enjoys disc golfing and spending quality time outdoors with family. Yana Jay, Senior Manager, Marketing and Sales For over eight years, Yana has been part of the ECO Canada team. She currently oversees Marketing and Sales, working closely with internal and external stakeholders to understand the industry, employer, and professional needs. In her role, she is responsible for marketing and relationship building, which communicate the relevance and thought leadership of the programs and products within ECO Canada - promoting the development of the environmental workforce, and sustainable economic growth. Before joining ECO Canada, Yana worked in advertising as an account director, specializing in employer brands, as well as Alberta regulatory bodies. Over her career, Yana’s passion for developing genuine connections with design, storytelling and relationships has pushed her growth and continues to be included in her strategies and campaigns. Yana is currently enjoying the East Coast Lifestyle and lives with her partner and two children in Nova Scotia.

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    GeoPro Talks – Environmental Employment Forecasts and Investing in Green Human Capital

    • GeoPro Talks - Environmental Employment Forecasts and Investing in Green Human Capital