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This presentation focuses on a research program referred to as “Advancing Canadian Wastewater Assets” (AWCA),  that is being conducted using innovative infrastructure at the ecosystem scale at the City of Calgary’s wastewater treatment plant along the Bow River. 

Research topics explored at the facility include engineered technologies, environmental impacts, antimicrobial resistance and microplastics.



Professor | Department of Biological Sciences, Scientific Director | Advancing Canadian Wastewater Assets, Adjunct Professor | Faculty of Environmental Design

Leland (Lee) Jackson

Lee Jackson is a professor in the Department of Biological Sciences and the Scientific Director or ACWA. His research program explores relationships between biological, chemical and physical structure of aquatic systems and how changes in structure affect function. Current projects are evaluating nitrogen fixation and microcystin regulation in blue-green algae, development of antimicrobial resistance in secondary wastewater treatment and receiving environments, the structuring role of macrophytes in shallow lake regime shifts and development of a data collaboration platform for the Bow River Basin.

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    GeoPro Talks - ACWA- An Innovation Sandbox to Develop Wastewater Treatment Solutions and Guide Policy Development

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