Course Description

A discussion of the variety of approaches to fill investigation and tools used.  This talk highlights the importance of using a conceptual site model in designing an investigation plan,  selecting PCOC, or using statistical tools.

Vice President, PGL Environmental Consultants

Duncan Macdonald

Duncan is a world champion (retired) ultimate Frisbee champion and, not secondly, a very accomplished environmental engineer (P.Eng.).  With a career focused on gasoline and diesel contaminated sites assessment and remediation, he skillfully helps acquire regulatory approval for contaminated sites.He is one of the most active Approved Professionals with BC’s Contaminated Sites Approved Professionals (CSAP) Society for regulatory submissions and is even considered a great resource by CSAP and Ministry of Environment staff, having made several successful ‘firsts’ in the realm of regulatory approvals.Duncan makes relentless use of common sense with respect to technical and regulatory issues… and is very pleasant to deal with.

Course curriculum

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    Fill Investigation and the Conceptual Site Model

    • GeoEnviroPro Talks - Fill Investigation and the Conceptual Site Model

    • Discussion

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