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Well-developed conceptual site model, deliverability of ZVI slurry in the subsurface, reactivity of ZVI materials, and treatment longevity are the main elements needed for a successful n/m ZVI remedy. The presentation details these requirements.

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Florin Gheorghiu

Florin Gheorghiu, Principal at Applied Testing and Geosciences, LLCFlorin is an Experienced Principal with a demonstrated history of working in the environmental industry. Skilled in Site Investigation, Feasibility Studies, Contaminant Hydrogeology, Environmental Consulting, and Water Resource Management. Strong education professional with a M.Sc. focused in Geology/Geophysics from University of Bucharest.

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    Needs for Successful Nano/Micron-Scale Zero-Valent Iron (n/m ZVI) Remedy Implementation

    • Recording: Needs for Successful Nano/Micron-Scale Zero-Valent Iron Remedy Implementation

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