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Well installation and annular seal construction techniques that are widely accepted may not be working as constructed. The importance of isolating the primary producing aquifer cannot be stated strongly enough - an effective annular seal above and below the aquifer needs to be established.

For any new well construction or well rehabilitation, the importance of understanding the complete hydrostratigraphy cannot be understated. It is and never should be a question of groundwater quantity over groundwater quality. Proper and effective well workover technique includes the incorporation of a thorough evaluation of well construction details, borehole geophysical logs, geochemistry of the aquifers penetrated, and historical well data.

This talk continues the discussion on being the solution - help preserve groundwater and the future of the industry. This issue and corresponding corrective actions represent new business opportunities/markets for the established water well professional.


Bruce Manchon

Bruce Manchon is a California, Nebraska and Texas Professional Geologist with over 35 years of professional experience in the environmental and petroleum industries. He received a B.A. in geology from the University of Colorado and is a senior hydrogeologist and owner of Janeil Environmental Solutions in Boulder, Colorado. Currently, he is responsible for oversight of the technical aspects within the project scope relating to geology and hydrogeology, remediation and ensuring that the technical objectives of the scope of work are met for a variety of commercial clients.Bruce has direct experience with metals contaminated soil and ground water projects in many varied hydrogeological settings, including sand and clay terrains as well as karst (epikarst), hard rock and fractured rock environments. Scope of experience includes field investigation, extensive hydrostratigraphic analysis to define the effects of hydrogeology on contaminant fate and transport, geochemistry and contaminant recovery for vadose and saturated zone remediation programs. Bruce is part of a team in Nebraska, that is evaluating municipal wells for the improvement of groundwater quality.

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    Groundwater Quality vs Groundwater Quantity: An Emerging Industry

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    • Groundwater Quality vs Groundwater Quantity: An Emerging Industry

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