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Stakeholder engagement is thought to be elusive, complex, and expensive. Currently, remediation industry has acknowledged to be deficient in this area, in 2015 an international SuRF project published how to better integrate the social dimension.

This presentation builds on that work. Active stakeholder engagement is beneficial to projects by reducing delays. And, using known, effective engagement strategies allows for better outcomes for consultants, proponents, and the community. As there is no ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach that is appropriate for any project, this roadmap sets out to demystify engagement, and uses guiding principles in a framework allowing users help effectively guide their stakeholder engagement process.

PhD Student, Ryerson University

Reanne Ridsdale

Mrs. Ridsdale is PhD student at Ryerson University, receiving a Ryerson Graduate Fellowships for 2016-2019. Her research focuses on brownfield revitalization, community rejuvenation through a social justice lens, and contaminated land management on Indigenous land. She has recently taught several courses at Brandon University. In 2018, Reanne was awarded a Mitacs Accelerate Grant in partnership with the Canadian Brownfields Network (CBN) conducting a research project for the NRTEE 15th year.  And, 2018, she received Vision CBN HUB (Hero’s Underpinning Brownfield) award.In 2015, Reanne completed her Master’s from the University of Saskatchewan. Her thesis, titled Assessing Sustainable Remediation Using Sustainability Discourse is focused on how sustainability contributes to sustainable remediation, and its efficacy in decision-making. Her research also included looking at the components of a sustainable framework, which includes robust stakeholder involvement, maintaining intergenerational goals, and achieving a socio-ecological balance. She interned with the Saskatchewan Research Council (SRC) through a Mitacs Accelerate Grant.  She assisted with stakeholder engagement and comprehensive community as a planning intern at PrairieWild Consulting. She is an active member of Canadian Brownfields Network, SuRF Canada, and co-authored an article with the international SuRF Initiative Team.

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    GPro Talks - Stakeholder Roadmap: A Guide to Effective Active Engagement using Social Methodologies

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    • Gpro Talks - Stakeholder Roadmap: A Guide to Effective Active Engagement using Social Methodologies - Video

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