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The use of conventional ‘dig and dump’ as a sole method for soil remediation has been on the decline for some time. In British Columbia, the majority of sites are now being remediated using risk-based methods.
For sites with contaminated soil, this means that contamination is now often being managed in place. As an extension to strict in-situ soil management, certain sites are amenable to purposeful re-location and consolidation of waste soils, often in conjunction with site redevelopment.
This talk will present on how consolidation of waste soils can be achieved at sites when supported by risk assessment. Three case studies will be presented illustrating a range of examples where this approach has been applied.

Trillium Environmental Ltd.President, Senior Risk Assessor, Trillium Environmental Ltd.

Stefan Quaglia; RPBio, CSAP

Stefan Quaglia has been conducting Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessments (HHERAs) throughout BC at Contaminated Sites for over 18 years. In 2013 Stefan started a consulting firm, Trillium Environmental, specializing in providing risk-based solutions. He is a registered professional biologist and a CSAP Risk Assessment Approved Professional in BC. Stefan has enjoyed the opportunities he has had to work with a wide range of talented professionals to develop risk-based remediation solutions at contaminated sites.

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    Re-purposing Soil Contamination at the Source Site: Case Studies

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