Course Description

GeoEnviroPro Partners

GeoEnviroPro is committed to technical and instructional excellence. Each of GeoEnviroPro’s partners – Dr. Reidar Zapf-Gilje, Guy Patrick, Scott Steer and Pete Craig – share a common passion for teaching, for applying solid environmental science in the real world, and for supporting those who will take the field further. All are at your service. We look forward to helping you on your personal journey as a GeoEnviroPro.

Course curriculum

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    Intro to 2020

    • Intro to 2020

    • GMT20200115-180018_Intro-to-2

  • 2

    GPro Talks- Intro to 2019/2020 series

    • Intro to 2019/2020 series - Sept 11, 2019

    • Intro to 2019/2020 series