Workshop Description

Leading practitioners will illustrate challenges and best practices in metal leaching and ARD. Topics include case studies and new ideas about closure, characterization, mitigation, and genomics.   Case studies will be drawn from mine sites around the world.

This year’s workshop will again be completely virtual.  While we will greatly miss the opportunity to meet in person, this format offers us the ability to broaden our reach through an increased number of registration spots and to facilitate speakers and attendees from around the world. 

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    BC ML/ARD 28th Annual Workshop

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    Dec 7, 2021

    • 1.Intro and Characterization Studies of the Waste Rock Dumps - I.Schofield

    • 2.Remote Sensing of AMD with Google Earth - B.Dold

    • 3. Laboratory Characterization of Aquifer Attenuation Mechanisms for Acidic Groundwater - L. Volden

    • 4. Nitrogen Prediction and Management at Brucejack Gold Mine. P. Mueller (Lorax Environmental Services) and L. Fredrickson (Pretivm Resources)

    • 5. Golden Sunlight Mine: A Case Study for Tailings Reprocessing as Closure Strategy. C. Buus (Barrick Gold)

    • 6. Towards a More Holistic and Sustainable Approach for Reclaiming Tailings Storage Facilities. S. St-Jean (Osisko Development Corp) and M. O’Kane (O'Kane Consultants)

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    Dec 8, 2021

    • 1. Intro and Remediation Planning for the Redbank Mine Site, Northern Territory, Australia. P. Ferguson (Robertson GeoConsultants)

    • 2. Planned Closure Measures for the Svartliden Mine. A. Unée (Dragon Mining Sweden)

    • 3. Forensic Geochemistry – Chasing the Last 1% of Copper Loadings Downstream of a Legacy Site. S. Barabash and D. Skruch (Ecometrix)

    • 4. Genomic Applications in Mining: Updates and Opportunities. C. Kennedy, C. Michiels and L. Pereira (SRK)

    • 5. Development of Robust and Cost-Effective Mass Balance Approaches to Monitor Thiosalt Risks for the Mining Industry. K. Whaley Martin, T. E. Colenbrander Nelson, L. Twible and L.A. Warren (University of Toronto), C.V. Jarolimek, J.J. King and S.C. Apte

    • 6. Cross-Mine Genomics Enabled Identification of Critical Microbial Controls on Mining Wastewater Thiosalts Risks. L. Warren, L. Twible, K. Whaley-Martin, T. Colenbrander Nelson and J. Gordon (U of Toronto), L-X Chen and J. Banfield (UC Berkel

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    Dec 9, 2021

    • 1. ARD Risk Management -An Integrated Framework.H. Brehaut (Consultant

    • 2. Examples of the Application of MAC’s New Climate Change Adaptation Guide for the Mining Sector. C. Dumaresq (MAC)

    • 3.Non-biological Active Selenium Treatment – Project Experience with Tool for Getting below Detection Limit at the End-of-Pipe. H.C. Liang, B.Baker, D.Kratochvil (BQE Water)

    • 4. Integrating of AMD Treatment with Rare Earths and Critical Mineral Recovery. P. Ziemkiewicz (West Virginia University) and A. Noble (Virginia Tech)

    • 5. Seven Years of Cover Performance at Mine Waste Rock Piles: Insights from the Sydney Coalfield, Nova Scotia. C. Power and D. Hersey (Western University), M. Ramasamy (Cape Breton University), D. Su (Western University) and J. MacPhee (Public Services an

    • 6. Comparative Analysis of Defect Leakage Rates at Geomembrane-Lined Cover Systems in the Sydney Coalfield. C. Power and D. Hersey (Western University) and J. MacPhee (Public Services and Procurement Canada) 12:00-12:05 Concluding Remarks