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Michael Sheppard

GPro Talks - Biogenic Toluene – A Laboratory’s Perspective

Biogenic toluene is commonly encountered by environmental professionals working within a variety of pristine environments. Laboratories have been challenged to develop quick, economical procedures to reliably differentiate biogenic and petrogenic

Mamoud Bashi

GPro Talks -Creek Diversion Project. It is not all about regulatory approval

Effective stakeholder engagement and consultation is a key component of successful projects, enabling you to solicit feedback, develop constructive relationships, and guide future decision making. This webinar presents a case study of a stream-realig

Michelle Ashley

GPro Talks - Same Country but Different Planet – A comparison of Risk Assessment Approaches in BC & Ontario

A comparison of Risk Assessment Approaches in BC and Ontario

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John Sankey

GPro Talks - Managing Complex Sites with Deep Multilevel Characterization

Fascinating case studies where novel applications of multilevel monitoring systems were used to develop an effective conceptual site model.

Guy Patrick

GPro Talks - Dry Cleaner Investigations and Case Studies – An International Problem

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