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Course description

Small, remote First Nation communities in B.C. have historically disposed of waste in un-regulated, non-engineered sites, located near residential areas and aquatic environments. These sites were a source of health and environmental concern to these communities and the Federal agencies involved. In 2009, Golder began an on-going collaboration with INAC and several BC First Nations to facilitate a program implementing sustainable remediation solutions for these unregulated remote community landfills (the Sites).

The program used a risk-based decommissioning approach whereby closure of landfills in-place using an engineered cover was supported by Golder risk assessments. This webinar will provide an overview of the risk-based closure program

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Jeff Christie - Golder Assoc. &  Ananthan Suppiah -INAC

Jeff Christie - Golder Assoc. & Ananthan Suppiah -INAC

Environmental Scientist & Snr. Environmental Engineer

Course Contents

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0.5 hrs

Course Curriculum

Risk-Based Approach to Closure of Dump Sites on Remote First Nation Lands in B.C.