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Course description

This talk will give an overview of innovative investigation techniques that were used in the intertidal and subtidal zones of the Fraser River in support of a monitored natural attenuation remedial option at a former wood treatment facility. In order to characterize the groundwater quality below the Fraser River, multi-level monitoring wells were installed below the high water mark. The groundwater discharge zone was identified and characterized in partnership with a research program at UBC by means of offshore profiling from a boat. Multiple rounds of sampling were conducted to delineate fresh and saline groundwater, helping to establish inferred groundwater flow paths and discharge zones to the Fraser River.

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Scott McGregor (Golder Associates) & Michael Zima (UBC)

Scott McGregor (Golder Associates) & Michael Zima (UBC)

Course Contents

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Course Curriculum

Innovative Investigation Techniques below the Fraser River at a Former Wood Treatment Facility