GPro Talks -Graphene based Nano Materials - Environmental Application

Webinar Wednesdays | taught by Edwin Safari

Course description

Environmental remediation has been less privileged when it comes to the use of nano-technologies compared to electronics, aviation and pharmaceutical industries. Graphene; a single layer of carbon atoms, is truly the wonder material of the 21st century and has the potential for revolutionizing the environmental sector. Its vast surface area provides tremendous adsorption capacity for metals and a variety of organic contaminants. It can be functionalized, magnetized and form the basis for nano-composites to target certain contaminants in aqueous and gaseous phases. 

This presentation provides an introduction to Graphene based nano-materials and their application in environmental remediation.

Edwin Safari
Edwin Safari
Ph.D., P.Eng President - Comnipex Corporation

Edwin Safari (Ph.D., P.Eng.) is a senior Geo-Environmental Engineer and President at Comnipex Corporation in Toronto, Ontario. Edwin has over two decades of experience in Environmental Assessment, Soil and Groundwater Remediation through his extensive research in the academe as well as a variety of projects as a consulting Engineer. Edwin is also a visiting professor at Carleton University in Ottawa, Ontario and has most recently patented a novel graphene-based adsorbent for environmental remediation