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Course description

Working as a risk assessor in BC and Ontario has taught Michelle Ashley many things. It has also caused her hair to turn grey. Taking a “learn to do by doing” approach, Michelle has learned that the regimes share the same goal: to identify contamination that may pose a risk to human and/or ecological heath and determine how to manage the risk. Both jurisdictions use many of the same tools, but the road maps to get to this goal are however, different.

Often when one jurisdiction goes right, the other goes left and the risk practitioner goes greyer and greyer. Whether it is order of operations, report format or review, there are several variances on approach. Michelle will discuss some of the key technical and administrative differences in the maps used by each jurisdiction

Michelle Ashley

Michelle Ashley

Risk Assessor, PGL Environmental Consultants

After starting her career as a site assessment generalist in 2005, Michelle has focused on contaminated site risk assessment since 2008. The generalist experience helps her ensure smooth handoff from investigation to remediation/risk assessment.

A Registered Professional Biologist, Michelle covers both ecological and human health risk assessment, ranging from screening level, through from Preliminary Quantitative Risk Assessments, to complex Site Specific Risk Assessments. Her experience includes both Federal and provincial submissions for sites including First Nations reserves throughout BC, Ontario, Nunavut and the Yukon.

Michelle’s approach is both creative and pragmatic. She is unusually organized in her approach to management, interpretation and presentation of chemical and toxicological data.  She also brings a strong knowledge of federal, provincial and municipal requirements.

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