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Course description

Webinar Wednesday -
Maggie Branton

Maggie Branton

Branton Environmental Consulting

Dr. Branton has a broad applied background in ecology, conservation biology, ecological risk assessment (ERA) and natural resource damage assessment (NRDA). She has used this expertise in her environmental consulting practice for more than 18 years to provide technical, strategic and litigation support to clients including industrial, legal, federal and local governments in Canada and the United States. In her practice, she integrates her experience in environmental toxicology and her applied background in marine and freshwater ecology, population studies, conservation biology and restoration. Dr. Branton has worked extensively evaluating acute, chronic and sub-lethal toxicological effects associated with the exposure of organisms, including marine mammals, reptiles and amphibians, fish, birds and benthic invertebrates, to a
broad range of chemicals such as oil and its constituents, metals, polychlorinated biphenyls and other persistent chemicals, metals, pesticides and volatile and semi-volatile organic carbons.

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