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All too often the solution of choice for dealing with contaminated soil is to dig it up and dump it in a landfill. It’s an easy solution in Canada where space is plentiful and the regulators don’t push for soil conservation. However, alternatives are available to treat the soil and conserve it. 

This talk will give an overview of Earthmaster’s PEPSystems® bacteria/plant technology as a method for treating contaminated soil to conserve it. The talk will review the treatment strategies used at several sites across western Canada, highlighting the versatility of phytoremediation for soil treatment.  The economics of using PEPSystems to treat soil will be discussed along with the methods developed for predicting soil treatment timelines.

Elizabeth  Murray

Elizabeth Murray

Senior Scientist, Earthmaster Environmental Strategies Inc.

Elizabeth W. Murray, Ph.D., P.Biol., R.P.Bio. – Elizabeth Murray is a senior scientist with Earthmaster Environmental Strategies in Calgary, Alberta. Her background is in human genetics and she has worked for more than 20 years in medical related research and in plant based biotechnology, developing biologics as treatments for human diseases. Elizabeth has worked in environmental sciences for over 7 years and leads Earthmaster’s PEPSystems™ research and development program. Liz also plays a lead role in the analysis and reporting of phytoremediation research and results.

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