Use of Practical Statistics in Site Investigations and Risk Assessments

Use of Practical Stats 2017 | taught by Dennis Helsel
Site Investigation Bundle

Course description

This session provides an introduction to the statistics needed when evaluating site chemistry and possible effects of remediation.

Outline Session 1

  1. Goal for statistical methods?
  2. The mean and UCL95
  3. The median, 90th and other percentiles
  4. One population or two?
  5. Weighting subgroup observations unequally

Outline Session 2

  1. The Geometric Mean
  2. Hypothesis testing
  3. Dealing with outliers
  4. Comparison of Site data to Background concentrations
  5. Comparing Site to Background for Data With Nondetects

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Dennis Helsel
Dennis Helsel

Dr. Dennis Helsel (PhD, Environmental Science and Engineering) has applied statistics to practical issues in environmental sciences for over 36 years. He is the principal of Practical Stats, an environmental statistics training and consulting firm. He has conducted courses in China, Germany, the Netherlands, Finland, Spain, Singapore, and throughout North America.His courses on environmental statistics are currently emerging online at .He has authored two textbooks, “Statistical Methods in Water Resources" (2002, with a second edition coming in 2017), and "Statistical Methods for Censored Environmental Data using Minitab and R” (2012, previously titled Nondetects And Data Analysis), as well as 50+ journal articles.

Dr. Helsel was the 2003 recipient of the Distinguished Achievement Award from the American Statistical Association’s section on Statistics and the Environment for his training of scientists in applied, practical statistics.

Dr. Dennis Helsel